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How Lodges Can Assist
The Masonic Fraternity has a unique opportunity to make a difference in the community. With many students struggling on an everyday basis Washington Masonic Charities can help Lodge members assist those students..
Every school district has a staff person (Homeless Liaison) to assist students experiencing homelessness and they can help Lodge members identify needs of these and other groups of students.
How it Works
For emergency needs; The school liaison, identified by the District Homeless Liaison, would contact a specific member of the Lodge who would then work with other Masons and community members to quickly fill the need. The preferred mode of delivery is to receive a request from the principal and work with the principal to fulfill the stated need in the most timely manner possible. For example, if you discover a child that needs a winter coat simply make your request known to the Lodge Liaison who will purchase the jacket after consulting with the school liaison.

For on-going needs; The Lodge members and the school liaison would work together to plan, identify, and gather the needed resources or information that the students need to help them be successful. Some of the Masons are health care professionals (i.e. medical, dental, optical…etc.), so there is an excellent chance they may be able to arrange donation of services or services at a vastly reduced fee.

If members of the Lodge are interested, WAMC can facilitate the process between the Lodge and the school district and will be available to support a program to bring needed resources to the local schools. Working together, this can be the first of many opportunities to assist your local schools.

It should be the Lodge’s intention not to have direct contact with the child or family. All information is confidential.

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