Rainbow Civility Training Success!

When sixty five Rainbow Girls get together, your know its is going to be interesting and fun.

Children and Youth Programs staff and volunteers were invited to provide Civility Dialogue training for Rainbow Jurisdictional Representatives, and for Rainbow Pages in Wenatchee and Leavenworth in September. By all accounts, this training was a success.

These young ladies, spent more than two hours learning about and developing Civility Dialogue skills. We put the challenge out to them to take this training back to their Assemblies and even offer the training themselves to Masonic Lodges.

Children & Youth Programs Coordinator, Kurt Miller, along with WAMC Board President Larry Foley, Executive Director Ken Gibson, and volunteers Carol Miller and Anthony Peterson assisted hosting and facilitating three training sessions. This follows Kurt Miller receiving certification training in Civility Dialogue from the Institute for Civil Dialogue in Tempe, AZ.

What is a Civility Dialogue?
Civility Dialogue was developed by professors at Arizona State University to create spaces for people to share differences of opinion on provocative topics, so that people could listen and learn from each other. The purpose of Civil Dialogue is not to persuade or change minds, but simply to get the conversation going, by helping people have the space to have their voice heard.

It was clear in working with the Rainbow Girls that they are looking for and feeling good about this kind of training that helps them build a more civil world.

Don't be surprised if you are approached by a Rainbow Worthy Advisor asking to host a Civility Dialogue training for your Lodge!

For more information, to learn how to conduct a Civility Dialogue, or to host one at your Lodge or Chapter, contact Kurt Miller, 253.442.2505 x 108 or kurt@wa-masoniccharities.org